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Bicycle Route, appr. 30 km : Route in PDF 

Start at the VVV office in the centre of Bergen.
Via Ruinekerk and Pilaren take the Raadhuisstraat in the direction of Bergen aan Zee.
You pass museum Kranenburgh on your right.
At the signpost go left into the forest, at the end keep to the left for some meters and
then turn right onto the Sluislaan.
Follow the ‘Duinstreek-route’ and at the fork turn left to the Voert. Ride the Voert until the end,
cross the street (watch out!) and turn left in the direction of Egmond aan de Hoef.
Opposite restaurant Het Woud head for the dunes. At this point you have to buy a day-ticket,
which gives you the right to cycle in all the dunes of the water-collection area.
After a lovely ride through the dunes (see picture, number 5) you arrive in Bergen aan Zee.
Now take the Parkweg on your left. Via the roundabout the route follows the promenade all the way,
past the Zeehuis, into the dunes again. You don’t have to buy a new ticket,
because the one you bought already is still valid. At the fork go straight ahead to Camperduin,
Groet, 8,8 km. After a while you see a sign with the text Welkom bij Staatsbosbeheer Schoorl.
At the T-junction you turn left in the direction of Hargen aan Zee. This is the Dr. van Steijnweg.
Not too far on this road you see a sign at your left, leading to a little road, De Kerf.
Take this road, walk a little distance and you have a beautiful view over the Parnassia valley. See the picture.
Then take the bike again, follow the Dr. van Steijnweg until the end and go left onto the Schoorlse Zeeweg,
direction Hargen aan Zee. At the radio/tv-mast in Hargen aan Zee turn right past the bike shed and parking lot to Hargen.
Now you’re on the bicycle track of the Harger Zeeweg. At the crossing turn right to Hargen.
At the fork keep to the left (enjoy the view, number 9) and at the next junction go right and then immediately left.
At the T-junction straight on and after a while turn right in the direction of Schoorl.
You pass the white church and follow the road to Schoorl.
At the complicated and busy crossing you take the direction of Schoorl (0,7 km) cq Bergen (5.0 km)
The track rises slightly and ends with a sharp turn to the right.
From there turn right to the little square and keep to the right. You see the playdune with the Honky Tonk bar.
You pass this bar in the direction of Bergen, Alkmaar, the bike track.
Hit the pedals for a while and take the busy road Schoorl-Bergen.
After approximately 2 kms keep to the rightand take the bike road again.
At the end cross the road in the direction ofBergen 1,8 km, De Fransman 4,3 km. At the end turn left, direction Bergen,
centre. A few minutes and you are back where you started. Your beautiful cycle trip has ended.

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